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I lay on the bed in the dimly lit room staring at the ceiling, the air conditioner blew cold air over my face as it swept past on its regular route. My mum wriggled into my left arm, she looked so beautiful, the sweet curves of her ass accentuated by the manner in which her lay on the bed, I grabbed the duvet and pulled it up till it was at her neck.The feel of her naked body on mine was the best I had felt in a long time.I smiled, it turned into a wide grin. ‘Damn,’ I thought. I grabbed her ass cheek with my right hand, my fingers digging into the soft mound of flesh, they moved so willingly, I squeezed a little harder. »Hmmm, » she coed, grabbing my left arm and smiling in her sleep. I wanted to swirl my stiff rod inside her watery hole, but she didn’t allow me last night in the shower. I was happy with how far she’d let me go, but my rising cock said otherwise. The air conditioner did a drive-by on my face again, I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep in few seconds. »SLURP, SLURP, SLURP. »There was this tingly feeling in my crotch, I opened my eyes, my cock pulsed as I regained full consciousness. There was this strangely appetizing feeling on my balls, I sat up and saw my Mum sucking on my sack and wanking the fuck out of my already rigid member. She noticed that I had woken up, « Hey honey, » she said as she lifted her head from underneath my cock. »Morning mum, » I replied. I was getting comfortable with doing this with my Mum, I thought it would be harder.She smiled, « I was hungry, sorry but I couldn’t wait for you to wake up before I started eating break fast, » she said raising her hands and tilting her head like a WhatsApp emoji in a ‘sorry but I’m not really sorry gesture’.I laughed and then she joined in. »Mum I wanna fuck you, » I blurted« I’m not sure about that honey, I know I asked you to do it yesterday, but I kinda glad you didn’t. I thought really hard about it and I don’t think we should cross that line, this pussy is for your Dad. »We can help each other out but no penetration. I’m sorry if I’m disappointing you baby. »‘Fuck! I shoulda taken that chance when I had it yesterday. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’ I ranted in my head. »Fuck, that’s really disappointing Mum, you just broke my heart, like into a million pieces right now. » I said touching my chest. »I’m sorry baby, it’s hard for me too, i wanna fuck you till your balls are fucking empty, your cock worn out and my pussy sore. But I gotta reserve at least one thing for your Dad, » she said as her hands rubbed around my shaved balls.I felt Mum was being a hypocrite, I mean she had already gone this far! But in a way I sorta understood her point of view. I was a bit content to just get was she was offering, any pleasure from her goddess body was enough for me, so I thought.I let out a breath of air, « Okay. » »Now you were doing something before I interrupted, please get back to that, you shouldn’t leave your food for long, it’ll get cold. » She laughed lightly. »Thank you baby, » she said referring to me accepting her « no-penetration » proposal before diving back down between my thighs. Her tongue flicked tenderly over one of my balls. My cock, which had lost wood, rose again. »Yeah, » I closed my eyes and bit my lips. Her breasts pressed against my lower thighs, I held her hair, not to help her, i just wanted to hold that silky dark hair as her head worked my balls.She eventually let go of my balls and crawled to kiss me, her jugs hanging like fat pointy pendulums as she moved, ‘I need to fuck that,’ I thought.Her lips felt soft and tasty, the wetness of their embraced sent shots of oxytocin throughout my brain. I closed my eyes and held her ass as she ground her puffy lips on the underside of my pulsing hard-on. Her tongue found its way into my mouth, wandering around, leaving sensational footprints in it’s wake. « Hmmm, » she moan.I spanked her hard. She ground her labia on my cock harder, pleasuring her clit and my bulbous head simultaneously. I pushed her on my cock more, grinding my hips. She broke the kiss, « Oh yessss, » she cried lustfully.My fingers dug into the soft folds of her yummy buttocks, squeezing so hard that it elicited a louder cry of pleasure from her lips. Considerable amounts of wetness flowed down her labia, greasing the friction between us, she ground even harder now. I could tell she was on the brink of concession.As we humped each other in reckless abandon, the air around us began to heat up, the thick scent of her arousal intruded the atmosphere. I grabbed a jug and stuck a nipple in my mouth, « Hmmmmm. Oh baby, » she said closing her eyes.I was not in her but the way she moved on me, I was so turned on, the immense pleasure I got from her up and down movement on my cock nearly got me off, the thought that she might let me fuck her allowed me to hold on. « Make me cum baby! » She screamed. « Oh yess, » she said before she sat up, her slit entirely covered by the underside of my shaft which rested on my abdomen, juicy liquid oozed from her warm cunt onto my raging hard-on.She began to slide over my rock-hard member with her warm pussy, the slippery ooze from her snatch lubricating her movements. She looked me in the eye and bit her lips as she slid back and forth atop my blood filled cock. I waited in near climax anticipation, for her to ask me to put it in, if I didn’t cum before she got there. I knew she wanted it, the lustful neediness in her eyes said it all, but despite it all, she never caved.A few minutes later, she was shaking on my cock, the wetness from her vagina dripped even more, her mouth open and her face shot toward the ceiling as she moaned in ecstasy. Although her orgasm was not as intense as yesterday, there was a smile of satisfaction on her beautiful oval face.I watched from below as her big tits bounced as she shook. After riding the waves of her orgasm she noticed me lost in her bust, she giggle, breaking my concentration. « You wanna fuck my tits? » She asked a husky voice. I nodded so quickly.She got off my cock, strings of lady-cum connecting her fatty labia and my already pulsing cock began to stretch and break. She reached for the top drawer on the right side of the bed, produced a bottle of lube and spurted some on my raging hard-on. The smell was familiar, it was from last night. She knew I was close, she stroked me softly, smiling and looking in my eyes as she did, I was a puppet under her control in that moment.She dropped the lube and jerked with both hands, the lube made squishy noises as she worked. I closed my eyes and licked my lower lip, ‘I want that pussy,’ I thought, I nearly prayed for it but decided against it. »Lie down, » I said as she drove me to the edge, the cum nearly bursting out of my cock, she did. I knelt on the bed and gazed on her mountainous bust, straddled her ribcage, and held her two giant melons up making a « boob and prick sandwich ».I grabbed both melons and fucked them with much diligence, playing with her erect nipples as I fucked. « You like that baby? You like mummy’s warm boobs? You wanna cum all over them? » She asked as I stroked back and forth between her slippery melons.I pressed harder on her nipples, twisting them hard, she moaned like an dog in heat, « Ohh yess baby. »My bulbous head ran through the cavity created by her jugs, sending tantric waves of insane pleasure in my groin. I had wanted this for a long time, now I had it and it wouldn’t be for long; the contents of my balls began to agitate for a release. I held on to my load, I tried to focus on something else.Just then she raised her head up and opened her mouth saying, « Ahhh, » warm breaths of air travelled to touch my cock, fuck! that was hot. I pushed my cum and lubed coated cock through the hole between her jugs until it’s tip entered her mouth, she clamped on it and sucked masterfully. »Ohh, fuck! » I exclaimed.She grabbed the sides of her sumptuous breast and wanked my shaft with pornstar expertise. I was so close to exploding. I tried pushing in more of my rod but her melons covered too much ground, that was all I could put it her mouth, but it was enough. I continued to fuck her mouth and melons in short fast strokes, her waiting tongue, always ready to receive me. »Mum! Fuck! Oh shit… Oh God. » I moaned as I slowly approached my long awaited climax, my hips jerking involuntarily. »Hmmmm, » she said with my cock in her mouth, as if to say ‘You’re free to cum baby’. The muscles in my groin tensed as they began pushing salty semen from my balls. My cock pulsed, growing bigger between her boobs before spurting a huge load inside her mouth. My abdomen shook and my cock slipped out from her warm wet mouth, causing the next streak of cum to land all over her face one shot after another, she closed her eyes. »Oh shiiiit, » I said breathlessly as my seeds left me. I caught my breath as my orgasm subsided. Her face was covered in hot semen, one of her eyelids was completely covered with it.My cock was still spewing tiny watery droplets when Mum’s phone rang. »Could you get that for me? » She asked smiling and pointing to the ringing phone. I reached for the phone and handed it to her, not bothering to check who it was. I felt as my dick slipped out of her wet cleavage.She looked at the screen, then answered, « Hey honey. How’s Paris? » It was my sister. Mum paused for a while then her smile suddenly vanished. »When are you arriving? » Mum asked and waited for a reply. Her eyelids opened wider, « Today? Why so soon? Anything wrong? » Mum asked, her tone had changed from post orgasmic relaxation to worried mother.adultpornroll.comMy cock was still hard, I put it back between her jugs and held them against the shaft. »Okay. Okay, take care of yourself. Call me when you get to the airport, I’ll come and pick you up, » she paused again. « Love you too baby, Muah! » She ended the call and dropped the phone on the bed, a part of the screen now covered in cum I had spewed on her face.’Fuck!’ I yelled in my head. »Your sister is on her way back, apparently the job didn’t take as long as they thought, perfect timing huh?. »Too bad. I guess I won’t be able to keep helping you out, now that she going to be around, » I said as I flicked a nipple. She giggled. »Yeah, maybe, » she responded.My cock pulsed between her melons as it lost wood. She bent her head and kissed the head as it receded into the « boob and prick sandwich ». »Wow. Where did this all cum from? » She asked as she used a finger to swab off the cum on her eyelids, took it to her mouth, stuck her tongue out and licked the top of her fingers, putting the rest in her mouth and sucking the shit out of her finger, then she swallowed audibly. « So much cum, » she said after she finished. »Your fault, » I answered.She laughed, « I love the taste of your cum baby, it turns me the fuck on. » her fingers circled her face, taking every drop of cum to her hungry mouth. She licked and smacked on her fingers. My cock twitched inside it’s boob cage. »Fuck. That’s hot, » I said. »I know right » She said with a smile. »Let’s go clean up in the shower. I need to get some things done before your sister gets here, » she continued. »Alright Mum, » I said as I got off her and then off the bed.’Fuck! The fuck is wrong with this girl!’ I thought. ‘Fuck!’ I mouthed as i entered the bathroom.As she entered the bathroom and turned around to close the door, I mouthed one more time ‘Fuck!’


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